Color psychology: how color affects the profitability of your business

Choosing the right color for your business is more important than you think. Each color has its own meaning and purpose. Quickly discover the secrets
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The structure, tone of voice and formatting of your menu play a big role in your profitability. Discover the psychology behind it!....

Cocktails & Mocktails


Craftails I Blog I Students and cocktails, match made in heaven


Discover valuable tips and insights for your hospitality business. Learn how to implement ready-to-serve cocktails and create a profitable cocktail menu. Get inspired and lift your business to new heights.

Tools & Tricks

Enrich your cocktail experience with our Tips & Tricks. Learn the art of food pairing and perfect the combination of cocktails with dishes. Prepare for a masterful cocktail experience with our practical advice!

Craftails Winter cocktails | Sailor's Spice
Craftails mocktail, the non-alcoholic version of the Lazy Red cheeks in tumbler glass with garnishes.

Cocktails & Mocktails

Step into a world of true flavors. From timeless classics to unique creations, we have something for everyone! Find out which drinks absolutely must not be missing from your menu. Cheers!


Get inspired by our delicious recipes and enjoy all the taste explosions. Try the refreshing Mojito fruit salad or venture into our frozen cocktails!  

Craftails | Blog: crash course in summer cocktails
Craftails Blog | Cocktails for winter.


Experience the four seasons with delicious drinks and matching atmospheres. Looking for the perfect summer cocktails or rather suffering from a winter dip? Experience the magic of each season and enjoy surprising flavors all year round! 


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