The craftale

We carefully curate our ready-to-serve cocktails and ensure that our clients can offer a top-notch cocktail experience in their establishment.

why craftails?

Cocktails and mocktails are becoming increasingly popular and are capturing a growing share of the market. People like to spend a little extra on a tasty cocktail already. They are therefore the ideal investment for your business.

But not just anyone can pour a good cocktail. Preparing cocktails and mocktails requires a lot of time, knowledge and skills. Three things that deter many entrepreneurs. Thanks to the pre-made, high-quality cocktails from Craftails all these problems are off the table. You don't need no special skills neededno need to memorize or buy ingredients and you have a bigger profit margin. Our service also goes beyond that. We offer our customers the necessary guidance, advice and expertise to offer a top-notch cocktail experience in their business.

About craftails

Craftails was created because we noticed in practice that it is often difficult for business to get started with cocktails themselves. Preparation requires time, effort and a lot of investment. This quickly adds to the costs, and in addition, finding trained staff is not always easy either. Since not every business has the time or resources for this, we set out to find a solution: ready-to-serve cocktails and mocktails!

We ourselves have been in the famous Antwerp cocktail bar for many years, Cocktails at Nine. We combine these years of experience as bartenders and entrepreneurs with our knowledge of mixology and thus composed our premium Craftails drinks.

The faces behind craftails

Bartender from Craftails preparing a cocktail

Naushad Rahamat

The origin of his passion for cocktails lies in the bar of the Okura Hotel, then the best hotel in the Netherlands. Here he immediately began

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Craftails bartender I Sofian Vlaminck

Sofian Vlaminck

The roots of his current career lie in the first café his mother opened when Sofian was 15 years old. As an Industrial Engineering student, he worked

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Craftails bartender I Yannick Draeyers

Yannick Draeyers

Since the age of 15, Yannick has been working in the hospitality industry. He has since worked in many different places, from restaurants to beach bars

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Craftails Bartender Gilles De Munter shakes a cocktail behind the bar.

Gilles De Munter 

At a young age, Gilles De Munter began working in the hospitality industry. Here he quickly discovered that the bar and all its facets gave him

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One of Craftails' bartenders Dylan Beckers

Dylan Beckers

What began as a student job soon turned into a passion. With a hotel manager as a father, Dylan was bitten by the

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Bartender from Craftails studying the aroma of a glass of alcohol

Carl Van Droogenbroeck

In his third year of law school, it became clear to Carl, "This is not what I want to do all my life." That's how he ended up in the hospitality industry

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