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Summer cocktail crash course: what you need to know about serving cocktails in your business!

The summer months have started. A lot of people have been enjoying a vacation in their own country all the more for a few years now, like to go out on a terrace after work hours and students also have all the time in the world for two months - if they don't have any re-exams anyway. High time to go all out for your summer terrace. If you haven't yet done so, we have a crash course in summer cocktails for your summer evenings. 

Why pre-made cocktails and mocktails are your best friend

Cocktails are a luxury drink. In the past, pre-made varieties had a negative connotation. That was because they were often equivalent to poor quality. Namely, they were produced with an eye on quantity and as much profit as possible. As a result, the drinks tasted very artificial and thus were not very tasty at all. 

Now that is very different!

Quality comes first, especially with the cocktails and mocktails from Craftails. They are made by real bartenders with years of training behind them and heaps of experience in hospitality and mixology. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, so we know where your pain points are. We work those out quickly and neatly with the addition of luxurious drinks where the flavors are 100% right and whose preparation is fool proof! 

We recap so you don't have to: 

  • Luxurious and popular drink 
  • Profitable
  • Time-saving
  • Less waste and surplus
  • Easy to serve


SOS Cocktail in a glass ... But in which one?

Each time you order cocktails and mocktails from Craftails , you will receive a comprehensive information sheet with it. It contains the ingredients we used in the cocktail, how to prepare the drink and how to serve it. All this information is provided ready to use

To give you some background on why certain glasses are necessary or why a copper mug is essential for a Moscow Mule, we give you a handy overview. We limit ourselves to the glasses you need for our offerings!

The different types of glasses


A highball is an oblong glass most commonly used for tall cocktails that contain many milliliters of liquor and are often poured over ice. Because these glasses are taller and a bit wider, a lot can fit inside. They are often drinks that contain a mix of an alcoholic beverage with a certain amount of soda. Like, for example, a Long Island Ice Tea. 


A tumbler, or also called an old fashioned and lowball glass, is a lower glass with a larger diameter and a solid, thick base. That base is necessary for muddling flavors in your drink. 

For muddlingdrinks, use a muddler. This allows you to grind herbs or fruits so that the flavors are released into your drink. That's something we've already done for you when producing our pre-made cocktails. The flavors are 100% right, so you don't have to worry about that. 

So why is the glass even important you ask? A tumbler glass is perfect for drinks you serve in smaller quantities. In addition, it also gives a nice mix between cocktails. If they are all served in the same glass, you lose some of the exclusivity and luxury attached to the specific cocktail.  

Wine glass

A wine glass is something every hospitality business has in their home. Did you know that you can also use these for serving cocktails and mocktails? Ideal for drinks that are very similar to champagnes and cavas or drinks that need to be served in smaller quantities and without ice. These glasses are thinner and therefore more fragile. Therefore, they are not suitable for cocktails that contain a lot of ice and need to be stirred. 


A coupe glass is a perfect alternative to the v-shaped martini glasses that are often used for spills. 

A fact about that: it's not your fault that you often spill with a martini glass, those glasses were specially designed in the 1940s when alcohol was still illegal. That way, partygoers could quickly chug their drinks in case the popo paid a visit. 

Back to the coupe glass. So a perfect alternative. By the way, these glasses, like wine glasses, are more fragile. They are not suitable for cocktails you serve with lots of ice. However, the drink will remain fresh. When you hold the glass correctly (and that is with the stem), your cocktail cannot warm up in your hand. 


Copper mug

A copper mug is seen specifically with the Moscow Mule, but our Sailors Spice can also be served perfectly in it. The copper helps control the temperature of the drink. It keeps the cocktail properly fresh. Some also claim that copper enhances the flavors of ginger beer, vodka and lime in a Moscow Mule. 

By the way, a copper mug also adds a cool look to the cocktail! 

Craftails cocktails | Moscow Mule

Garnish, present and serve

On our product sheets we give you our garnish suggestions for each cocktail and mocktail. You can also always use the images from on our website for inspiration. There are also cocktails that have fixed garnishes, such as the Mojito. After all, have you ever seen those without ice and mint leaves? Of course, nothing prevents you from getting creative yourself! Open up Pinterest, scroll through instagram or watch some videos on TikTok. Inspiration is everywhere for presenting your drinks. 

We'll give you some fun ideas in advance to spark your creativity:  

Sugar is your friend! 

Its sweet taste suits a lot of cocktails and mocktails. In addition, sugar is also sticky: ideal for decorating your glass! Wet the rim of your glass a bit and dip it in sugar. Or, depending on the cocktail flavor, in salt!  

Eco-friendly straws and umbrellas. 

A cheesy classic, those little umbrellas in your cocktail, but they still do well with people. Then again, a straw is an essential. Some cocktails you can't just sip from the glass, you just need a straw for that. Go for the eco-friendly variety. These are not only ecological, but they also give your business an instant upgrade! A lot of customers today are choosing more consciously and ecologically.

Get inspired by the ingredients.

A strawberry Mojito calls for a strawberry, a Pornstar Martini calls for a passion fruit, a skewer of fruit, a lime on the rim, and so on. You get the idea! 

The more beautiful you present, the more time and products you invest. You should then not forget that this also does mean an additional cost for your cocktails. Of course, this is allowed for an even more exclusive experience! 

"May I have the bill please?"

And then also set prices, because they are very important. They make or break the success of your business! You can't go too cheap, because you have to make ends meet and still make enough profit. Your offer cannot be too expensive either, because then many customers will avoid your business. Setting the right prices is not easy and unfortunately we can't do it for you. However, we can give you personal advice on the prices of the Craftails beverages you want to offer! 

Since we also want to help you move forward now, we'll give you tips on how to determine the right prices. Here they come:

Craftails I Blog I Summer cocktail crash course: what you need to know about serving cocktails in your business
  • Determine the cost per drink you are serving, take into account any snacks you are adding and the time spent per drink for preparation.
  • Determine a healthy contribution margin: take into account expenses for staff, rent, advertising, and so on. That's why our Craftails drinks are so profitable, by the way. They require little preparation time from you, mean no costs for training or additional trained staff, and are popular with the general public. They almost sell themselves!
  • Evaluate the effect of your prices on the ground: are they selling slightly more or just less? Then you know that the price may have had an impact here.