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Recipe for the perfect summer drink: frozen cocktails!

On hot summer days, nothing beats a deliciously refreshing drink. Think iced latte or iced coffees, for example. The summer version of everyone's beloved daily cup of energy. Now we are sharing a recipe that will allow you to prepare iced, or frozen, cocktails. It works for any cocktail or mocktail and on top of that, it's fast and popular. A must for any establishment this summer!

A simple Coke Zero or would you rather have a frozen cocktail? 

A simple Coke Zero or a frozen Strawberry Mojito? Which of these two would your customers choose. It's not a difficult question, but we'll still give you a moment's thought before sharing the answer.... 

Right. That last option. In recent years, iced or frozen drinks have only become more popular. Think ice tea, iced coffees or slushies. That's because in the summer, people are looking not only for the ultimate refreshment, but also for a vacation feeling. And what better way to create a vacation feeling than with delicious drinks that are also beautifully served? You imagine yourself at an all-inclusive five-star resort.

A Coke with some ice cubes and a lemon is something your customers can drink every day. Even at home. A frozen cocktail, on the other hand, already sounds much more exotic and luxurious. A good marketing strategy if you ask us. Because these drinks are good for business without you having to put more time into them. At least when you work with pre-made cocktails and mocktails.  

Below we explain to you step by step how to turn a regular Strawberry Mojito into a frozen version. A basic recipe that works for any cold served drink!


  1. A pre-made cocktail or mocktail, the choice is yours. We use our Strawberry Mojito for this example. 
  2. Crushed ice or ice chips.
  3. An electric blender (though one that can handle ice cubes, of course).
  4. A cocktail glass and garnish (we use a strawberry and mint leaf in this case).


Step 1. All ingredients in the blend cup

Fill a cup with the ice chips. Pour the same amount of Strawberry Mojito into this as you would use to prepare the regular cocktail.

Step 2. Blend blend blend blend 

Now blend until you reach the desired consistency. This is similar to that of a slushy.  

Not frozen enough? Then you can always add some ice cream. Just be sure to use proportional amounts. After all, more ice also means more dilution of your cocktail flavors. So to maintain optimal flavor, you should also add more of the cocktail. Our advice? Trial and error! Try the frozen cocktails at home and regularly test if the flavors are still right. Write down the ideal quantities and you can start using them in your establishment.

Step 3. Pour in, garnish and serve. 

Pouring in, garnishing and serving...Stop the time! How fast did that go? Now that's a luxury drink. Quickly served and profitable. 

Do you make a frozen version of one of our cocktails or mocktails? Then be sure to share the result with us on social media. Use #frozencraftails

No pre-made cocktails at home to try this recipe with?