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These 3 cocktails should not be missing from your drinks menu

Would you like to add some luxury to your drinks menu, but don't know which drinks to choose? Cocktails and mocktails are the ideal addition! Of course, there are many different types to choose from. We make the choice easier for you and share the results of our Craftails survey. A while ago, we conducted a survey among our customers to find out which of our cocktails are the top favourites. Wondering which ones turned out to be the most popular? Then read on!

1. Lazy Red Cheeks

Kicking off fruitfully is an Antwerp classic, the Lazy Red Cheeks. This sweet cocktail is made from vodka, raspberries, lime and violet. This gives the drink a nice balance between sweet and sour. The color, sweet taste and the fact that this cocktail is served nice and fresh make it the ideal choice during the sunny summer months. Complete the picture with mint and currants or with a dried slice of lime. Pure enjoyment! 

Craftails Cocktails | Lazy Red Cheeks

2. Pornstar Martini 

In second place is the Pornstar Martini. The exciting name gives away that it is a cocktail full of passion, literally and figuratively. This deliciously sexy cocktail combines a soft vanilla aroma with tropical passion fruit to create a real explosion of flavour in your mouth. Finish this modern classic by adding half a passion fruit or a dried lime slice. And voilà, you serve a real winner in terms of flavour and presence!

A preparation tip: if you add half a passion fruit as a garnish, it is best to cut the seeds loose first and serve with a spoon.

Craftails cocktails | Pornstar Martini

Ambrosia 0%

That mocktails do at least as well as cocktails is proven by number three in our list of favourites: the Ambrosia. With a name derived from the Greek 'Ambrosios' (meaning immortal), this non-alcoholic cocktail is bound to be delicious. It is a wonderfully fresh blend of guava, cranberry, raspberry and lemon. We can't promise a longer life or immortality, but a heavenly taste? We are sure of it!

Craftails mocktail | Ambrosia

Our top score

At Craftails we ensure that our customers can offer their customers a top cocktail experience. In a fast and cost-effective way. We do this not only with our delicious, high-quality ready-to-drink cocktails and mocktails, but also by sharing tips & tricks based on our years of experience as bartenders, mixologists and entrepreneurs. It's great to see that our hard work is also rewarded with great reviews and an excellent score of no less than 5 stars!

"Thanks to Craftails you, as a non-experienced bartender, can conjure up the best cocktails in just a few minutes. You can count on help and tips from the most experienced bartenders. Top quality and service!"

Would you like to add this powerful top three to your drinks menu? Then be sure to ask for a quote!