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How do you tackle a month without alcohol as a hospitality entrepreneur?

The holidays are now behind us and the New Year's drinks are also over. The empty bottles of champagne, wine and cocktails have since been consigned to the bottle bank and the shortest month of the year has arrived again. Since 2017, thanks to Tournée Minérale, that also means a month without alcohol. But how exactly do you go about this as an entrepreneur, a month without alcohol? We give you some information and handy tips in advance!


Tournée Minérale has by now become a household word among Belgians. Everyone knows it or has heard of it. For those who have never heard of it, or don't know exactly what it entails, we give a short crash course. 

Tournée Minérale, is a campaign that since 2017 encourages us to think consciously about our general alcohol consumption. After all, how much do we actually drink in a month? We often don't think about when and why we drink alcohol. There are lots of occasions when we do like to whip out a bottle. Think of birthday parties, New Year, Christmas, receptions, romantic dinners, promotions, luxury breakfasts, at hotels, sporting events, or simply because it's possible and tasty. 

By consciously choosing non-alcoholic drinks for an entire month, you'll reflect on how often you actually choose alcohol. February is the perfect month for this, especially since an alcohol detox after the holidays can be beneficial. Maybe the fact that it's the shortest month of the year also has something to do with it.


To all who participate, congratulations. To all those who do not participate, also congratulations. Because it is of course your own choice whether or not to participate in Tournée Minérale. The reasons behind it can be various: just detoxing after the holidays, testing your perseverance, health reasons, you name it.

For business owners, promoting a month without alcohol seems like a contradictory move. After all, don't you want customers to come to bars or restaurants? It's just a smart move to participate. Because even the customers who participate in similar initiatives still want to experience a fun night out. So it's important to provide tasty drink options for everyone. Expanding the offer with non-alcoholic options is a logical step!

Getting through a month without alcohol is very easy thanks to Craftails' delicious mocktails


Those who participate in Tournée Minérale are looking for non-alcoholic drinks. Soft drinks are often the first alternative that springs to mind. But that, of course, is less spectacular to order and also less profitable for the hospitality operators. So we start looking for this alternative. Something that you like to order, that looks nice and is profitable. Do you already know what we are thinking of? Right, yes. Mocktails


Mocktails are becoming increasingly popular. They are therefore an interesting investment that will continue to do well long after Tournée Minérale. Because even apart from the campaign, we see an increasing demand for non-alcoholic drinks.

Of all the non-alcoholic alternatives, mocktails are the most profitable. Especially when you purchase them ready-made. They look exactly the same as cocktails: a large glass with ice and possibly fun garnishes. In short, a cozy and festive-looking drink that is ideal for the bobs who still have to drive home, for those who do not feel like drinking alcohol and for those who are not allowed to drink alcohol. Because, of course, it is no fun when surrounded by fun colored cocktails, wines and beers you have to drink a simple Coke. 

Ambrosia scaled
Ambrosia (0% alcohol)

Derived from the Greek "Ambrosios" meaning immortal, this mocktail is a true example of a gods drink just like nectar. Immortality we cannot promise but this combination of lemon, raspberry and cranberry will certainly not disappoint you!

Ipanema 1 scaled
Ipanema (0% alcohol)

Derived from the Greek "Ambrosios" meaning immortal, this mocktail is a real forThe Ipanema is a mocktail with just that little bit more spice. The freshness of the lime along with the fruitiness of the passion fruit works super together with the intensity of the ginger beer (non-alcoholic) resulting in a deliciously complex drink.


Of course, everyday soft drinks remain the first choice of many customers. But who says they have to be served in a simple, standard glass? You might want to think about fun ways to give the simple drinks a trendy twist. A different glass, a slice of lemon or orange on the rim instead of in the glass, an eco-friendly or metal straw in a trendy color, shot glasses to go with it. There are countless ways to transform a simple glass of soda, or water, into an Instagram worthy version

Fun ideas that you can get started with even after Tournée Minérale. Mocktails and hip-looking drinks are booming. They offer your business many advantages. They provide free advertising on social media because they look fun and make your current offerings more attractive.

Are you and your business participating in Tournée Minérale? If so, be sure to share your ideas with us on social media! 

Santé on a month without alcohol!

Still looking for tasty mocktails to add to your drink menu? Then be sure to take a look at our selection.