Tip: A Craftails cocktail package as a year-end gift for your employees and clients!

Do you want to treat your employees to a nice year-end gift? Or maybe you want to honor your most loyal customers with a corporate gift? Well, how about a Craftails cocktail package? That is the ideal gift to start the new year off right. Quickly ordered, even quicker to make yourself and top quality flavors guaranteed. Isn't that everything you want from a good gift? 

The end of the year is the perfect opportunity to pamper your hard-working staff. Or to thank your loyal customers who choose your service year after year. However, it is difficult to find a nice and surprising end-of-year gift or business gift every year. With what gift will you let your employees and customers know that you really appreciate them? You want something that exudes professionalism, luxury and celebration. Something that is additionally good for both men and women. Insert: the entire Craftails selection!


Delicious cocktails as well as mocktails. With lots of different flavor palettes to choose from. There is something for everyone!

A cocktail for every appetite!

The Craftails offer consists of many different cocktails as well as mocktails. That means we have the perfect cocktail for every appetite. Sweet or rather bitter? Hot or rather cold? With alcohol or without? We got you covered!

Discover our full range of beverages here.

Quick and easy in one package

Our cocktails are specially designed so that they can be served quickly and easily by anyone. You don't need any cool skills for it. Although of course it is nice for the company if you can serve the cocktails with some ✨schwung✨. That's not a must of course, but a 10/10 for presentation to your guests.

We deliver our drinks weekly to various catering establishments throughout Belgium, in the Netherlands and also in the UK. As a business, you can exceptionally call on our service to create unique cocktail packages!

PLEASE NOTE: Craftails will close its doors between December 26, 2022 and January 8, 2023. You can still request packages for the holidays before this date. Want a gift for the new year? Then you can also contact us after January 8. 


Putting together an end-of-year gift? We would be happy to help you!