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Mojito, the most famous rum cocktail

As with many cocktails, the Mojito's full origins are lost in history. From the 1500s to a 2002 James Bond movie, the Mojito has had an interesting journey. Meanwhile, it is one of the most popular drinks! The cocktail is greatly enjoyed by all ages, winter and summer. We would like to take you on a trip down memory lane of the Mojito.

A little history

La Bodeguita del Medio

Besides the local food, cigars and music, the bar "La Bodeguita del Medio" in Havana, Cuba, is known as the birthplace of the Mojito. The establishment is a household name in Havana. When you travel there, you absolutely must pay this establishment a visit. Ernest Hemmingway - a famous American novelist, short story writer, journalist and sportsman - lived in Cuba for more than 20 years. La Bodeguita del Medio was his haunt; he was immediately full of praise for the Mojito from the first sip. 

African servants

There are other stories circulating about the origins of this delicious cocktail. It is claimed that African servants who worked in the sugar cane fields in Cuba invented the drink with aguardiente de cana, a simple alcohol made from sugar cane. 

Pirates raid Havana

Yet another story told about the Mojito is that there was an invasion of Havana in the 1500s. Pirates wanted to rob the city of gold. This was not a success, but did something good come out of it! The first version of the Mojito. The crew of the group of pirates who wanted to rob Havana suffered from dysentery and scurvy. So they went to get ingredients for a medicine from South American Indians, who were known for their remedies against diseases. They used aguardiente de cana, mint, sugar cane and limes to put together a drink. It seemed to help against the diseases ánd it was tasty too. After this time, the cocktail with similar ingredients was very popular in Cuba. It was named after the leader of the group that wanted to rob Havana, El Draque.

A Mojito for 007

Mojito is based on "mojo," which means "a little enchantment. However the story of the Mojito began, it remains one of the most popular cocktails ever made. 

Especially in recent years, the cocktail gained popularity, and especially since 2002. How did this come about you might think? Well, in 2002 James Bond - played by actor Pierce Brosnan - drank a Mojito in "Die Another Day. The scene in this movie caused this forgotten drink to become a real hype again. And it still is today, almost 20 years later.

Craftails Cocktails | Mojito

Summer flavor

A Mojito today is made with an aromatic white rum, cane sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, mint and ice. And you know what makes the drink even more summery? Strawberries. A Strawberry Mojito, fizzy, minty, slightly sweet full of strawberries and lime. This makes the mojito an even fresher and fruitier thirst quencher for the hottest summer days.

Making the perfect cocktail may seem easy, but it certainly isn't. Hospitality life can be very busy so you may not find the time to make the perfect (Strawberry) Mojitos your customers deserve. 

Craftails is the ideal solution to this problem. We make cocktails and mocktails that can be delivered to bars and restaurants so you save time and don't lose money, because time is money, right?